Frequently Asked Questions


How do I earn vClusive stars?

Please present your vClusive membership card or give your membership details when you make a spend at any of our brand partners, which you can view here.

Where can I redeem/claim the stars I have earned?

Your vClusive stars can be redeemed at any of our partner brands, you will need to present your membership card at our partner brand, or you could redeem stars through the vClusive app.

How will I know about newer partner brands, offers available and special events?

Once in a while, we will send you information about new partners and special curations by email and sms. You can search for partner brands and rewards any time by logging into the vClusive website or app.

Can I recommend stores or brands I would like to be included in vClusive?

That’s an absolute yes! We add some of the best premium and luxury brands to our network everyday. If you would like to see your favorite brands on the vClusive network, please let us know at

Can I use my membership benefits at a brand if I forget to take my card?

You can always give your membership card number or mobile phone number to a vClusive brand. However, to redeem stars and for transactions involving cash card, brands require your membership card, for security reasons.

What happens if I lose my card? Do I lose my stars?

You never lose your stars. If your membership card is lost or stolen, you should report immediately to our email This will prevent any further use of the card. You can then visit any of our partner brands and get a replacement card there.

Should I inform vClusive if I change my mobile number?

Yes. Your mobile number helps identify your membership, should you forget to carry your membership card. In addition, vClusive periodically sends out information about new partners and special privileges via SMS to your mobile phone.

Can I get a vClusive membership using my international phone number?

Yes you can. Simply provide your full international number including country code when you register for your vClusive membership card.

What are vClusive Awards?

vClusive Awards are partner-specific cash vouchers worth thousands that you enjoy. These Awards are exclusive gifts from vClusive granted to you periodically.

Is there a way for me to turn off SMS and email communication from vClusive?

While we strive to provide only the most relevant information to you via SMS and email, we do respect your desire for privacy. You can choose to not receive new partners and rewards information via email or SMS. For email, simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a vClusive email.


Whom should I contact if I want my business to be a partner of vClusive?

If you wish to receive more information or would like to sign up for the vClusive service, please send us a message at and we will contact you shortly.

What is my upfront cost to joining vClusive?

There is absolutely no upfront cost to joining vClusive. Our cloud based service requires zero capital investment.

Can I try vClusive for a period of time?

vClusive is a pay for performance based service which means you only pay when we deliver.

How can we get support from vClusive team as a partner?

For support, please contact or call +1 408 461 8662