vMobo Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Fremont, California. The company is funded by its founders and private investors from India and the US. Please contact for further information.

Board of Directors

Vinu Sundaresan

Vinu is the founder and CEO of vMobo with more than 25 years of experience in executive management, operations and technology in the Tele-communications and Enterprise software industry.

Vinu is a visionary entrepreneur who has successfully merged innovative technology to existing trends to bring about exponential valuation for all his stakeholders. He has written many articles on management systems on which he holds 7 patents. Vinu was the founder of an IT Data center software company, visionary behind Collation - acquired by IBM in 2005. He was Vice President of software engineering at Covad Communications and Program Director for Development at TCSI. He also held senior positions at Ascom Nexion, Timeplex and NJIT.

Surpreet Suri

An expert in the field of infrastructure development, Surpreet Suri has an enviable experience of over 18 years in Construction and Interior Works. Turning a creative design to master piece is Surpreet’s forte as he has successfully developed millions of sq ft of real estate in Delhi and NCR for The 3C Group. Under his guidance the company has maintained a track record of timely delivery and superior quality for all the projects.

Karanpal Singh

Karan has had a successful background in Real Estate, Hospitality, Mining and Construction and is among a new generation of self made entrepreneurs-investors who are changing the landscape of startups in India engaged in technology, marketing and services. These are the Super Angels. He is extremely connected with the industry, clued on and engaged with the businesses he has invested into and has an aggressive vision for his group of companies.

Karan has a close-knit family, proud of his heritage, loves his food and music, seeks adventure and sometimes challenged by ever changing technology driving his life.
- As narrated by the CEO

Rao Arimilli

Rao Arimili has spent 24 years building world-class engineering, product management and marketing teams at startup and public companies. He has held executive positions including CEO of Object-Mart Inc., VP Product Management at ONI Systems, Chairman at Parama Networks and CEO at Softrock Systems, and has served as a key consultant at XenSource and Infinera. His background encompasses telecommunications and data networking, network and element management systems, software virtualization, rapid software prototyping and application development platforms.

Rao spent the first ten years of his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories, where he was a software developer and engineering manager for optical transport and switching systems. Rao lives with his family in Los Gatos, California.

Board of Advisers

Tikka Raja Shatrujit Singh

The Advisor To The Chairman, Louis Vuitton

Tikka Raja Shatrujit Singh has been representing Louis Vuitton, the worlds leading luxury company in India since 1995 and is now "The Advisor to The Chairman" of Louis Vuitton.

He was instrumental pioneering the development of the "Luxury" business in India. With his 17 years experience in the luxury business he is considered the "Guru" of Luxury in India. Tikka Raja Sahib is intensely involved in preservation and restoration projects in his home town of "Kapurthala". He is also promoting local "Shabad Kirtans" and hosts an annual music function in honour of his ancestor "Guru Ka Lal" Nawab Jassa Singh Ahluwalia.

He is widely travelled and has been awarded "The Order of Muhammed" by His Majesty The King of Morocco. Tikka Raja Sahib has also been invited as a guest speaker by some of the worlds leading universities such as Harvard Business School and the Wharton Business School.

Jay Stockwell

Sr. Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer, Digital, Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Jay is one of the founding members of Nielsen Catalina Solutions, bringing extensive marketing, branding and naval experience. As Chief Revenue Officer for digital media, he is responsible for developing online advertising effectiveness programs with the goal of maintaining and expanding our footprint with portals and publishers, data exchanges and mobile partners.

He came to The Nielsen Company via acquisition of the start-up company BuzzMetrics (formerly Intelliseek). As Executive Vice President of Client Services for Nielsen BuzzMetrics, Jay was primarily responsible for commercial operations of the BuzzMetrics unit.

Jay started his business career in consumer products goods at Procter & Gamble, with Puffs and Pampers, and also worked for ConAgra serving as Brand Manager for the Banquet and Marie Callender’s lines of frozen food.

Jay is also a Commander in the United States Naval Reserve having served for a combined 24 years (active, active reserve and inactive ready reserve). Jay has a BS in Finance from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and holds an MBA in Marketing from George Washington University, Washington DC.

Rajiv Menon

Cinematographer and Film Maker

Rajiv is a cinematographer and film maker. While not making feature films he runs his advertising production house (Rajiv Menon Productions) and film school (Mindscreen).

Rajiv Menon’s versatility as a cinematographer has received much praise, and throughout his career, he has worked with accomplished filmmakers like Mani Ratnam, Shyam Benegal and Girish Karnad “(Cheluvi)”. Falling in love with ad-making at a young age, Menon started his career in the field of ad-photography, and then went on to make a number of TV commercials. Rajiv Menon has been a well respected and notable personality in the Indian Advertising circuit. He entered the field during the early days (1980′s) when competition was nil. It was the time when A R Rahman decided to do music on his own.

Rajiv has done many ads with A R Rahman’s Jingles. Noteworthy ones are for Airtel, Colgate, Palmolive, Titan, Asian Paints, Raymonds.